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Below is a list of common questions about PoolWebs web service, email hosting and setup, domain names, and other questions about our services.

Email Questions

Common questions about setting up email.

How do I setup my email account?

Answer: You can follow this link for a how to video for Apple Mail and Outlook.

How many email accounts are do I have?
Answer: This depends on the level of service you have purchased. PoolWebs - Basic includes one email account, while PoolWebs- Standard includes up to 5 email accounts.

Web Hosting Questions

Common Questions about web hosting.

What do I need to get my PoolWeb website running?

Answer: We can provide everything you need to get your company a beautiful and professional website. With that said, every website needs to have a domain name, a web server and some coded web pages in order to work. You can purchase a domain name from us, we build and manage the web servers, and have created a great web application built for the swimming pool industry.


What do I need to know about hosting my site?
Answer: Nothing! We handle all the work for you. We deal with all the complicated server software and keep your website up and running.

General Questions

General Questions about PoolWebs.

Can you make my PoolWeb design different from the standard styles?

Answer: Yes, but we do charge additional design fees for major modifications or add-on's. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking to do and we will quote you a fair price.

What are your methods of payment?
Answer: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

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